Teresa Nunes is a multidisciplinary designer and maker based in Melbourne.

She primarily works with fibres, natural dyes and ceramics to create jewellery and other experimental objects. Every piece is designed and handmade from her small studio, with a focus on sustainability and craftsmanship.


Each piece is the result of a big journey, in and outside the studio.

I'm interested in creating objects from scratch. To start with, understanding where the fibres I choose come from, if they are produced in an ethical manner, their environmental impact. I try to source these materials locally, or repurpose fibres that I find in op shops.

The fibres are then naturally dyed with leaves, flowers, pieces of bark, or kitchen waste like onion skins or avocado pips. No chemicals are used during this process. I try to minimise my impact by using homemade soy milk as a mordant.

Every ceramic component is hand built, painted and glazed, and fired twice. 

By using these two ancient arts (natural dyeing and ceramics), which require time and dedication, I explore my quest for a slower creative process, in contrast with the fast pace world we are immersed in today.

This process can also be unpredictable, from the variation of colour that results from each dyeing session, to the glazed piece that comes out of the kiln. I celebrate that, along with the qualities of the handmade, that make every piece unique. 

With a mindful lifestyle in vision, I see my work as a reminder to slow down, appreciate and respect nature’s beauty, and to engage in a more tactile and meaningful experience with the world.